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"Ut Unum Sint" - That They May Be One

Welcome to the official website of the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint John of
Jerusalem, Knights of Malta. A religious Order of Hospitallers with ecumenical character.

International Hospitaller Activities

The SHOSJ assist the impoverished and displaced people across the globe. In recent years the members have assisted in raising funds to purchase medicines and medical equipment for many third world countries, including the following:


Legal Note
1. Our Christian, Ecumenical, Chivalric Order derives its legitimacy from the long line of Grand Priories, Priories and Commanderies that were established in Europe by Paul I, Emperor of All the Russias after saving the Order from extinction following the abdication of Ferdinand von Hompesch, who was ousted with all his Knights from the Maltese Islands in 1798 by Napoleon Bonaparte. The Langues and large number of Knights who elected The Emperor as Grand Master by Chapter-General in St Petersburg (he was already then the Protector of the Order by Treaty with the late Grand Master de Rohan) ) were from the legitimate and original contingent on Malta, and thanks to them the Order survived.
2. The revival (several months later) of a separate grouping of other original Knights under a Master General in Sicily, which group also eventually obtained legitimacy and is now known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta could not, by that mere fact, lawfully deprive our Order from the historical legitimacy that it derives from its imperial Grand Master the Emperor Paul I.
3. Thus it is today a fact that whilst there are other charitable Orders using the name of St. John, including SMOM, our Order is equally legitimate and carries out important works of Christian charity whilst preserving its ancient military and hospitaller traditions, and must be distinguished from the aforementioned Order known as S.M.O.M., or any other Orders of St. John.


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