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Past Grand Masters

Blessed GerardBlessed Peter Gerard-Abbott: Master-French,1087-1120


Raymond de PuyRaymond de Puy(Pius): Master-French, 1120-1158/60


Auger de BalbenAuger de Balben: Master-French, 1158/60-1162/63


Arnaud de CompsArnaud de Comps: Master-French, 1162-1163


Gilbert d'AssaillyGilbert d'Assailly: Master- English, 1163-1169/70


Gaston de MurolsGaston de Murols: Master-Doubtful, 1170-1172 


Joubert of SyriaJoubert of Syria: Master-Syrian, 1172-1177


Roger de MoulinsRoger de Moulins: Master-French, 1177-1187


Ermengard d'AspErmengard d'Asp: Master-French, 1188-1190


Garnier de NaplousGarnier de Naplous: Master-English, 1189/90 - 1192


Geoffrey de DonjonGeoffrey de Donjon: Master-French, 1192/93 - 1202


Alphonse de PortugalAlphonse de Portugal: Master-Portuguese, 1202-1206


Geoffroy le RatGeoffroy le Rat: Master-French, 1206-1207


Garin de MontaiguGarin de Montaigu: Master-French, 1207-1227/28


Bertrand de ThessyBertrand de Thessy: Master-French, 1228-1231


Guerin LebrunGuerin Lebrun: Master-Doubtful, 1231-1236


Bertrand de CompsBertrand de Comps: Master-French, 1236-1239/40


Pierre de Vieille-BridePierre de Vieille-Bride: Master-French, 1239/40 - 1242


Guillaume de ChateauneufGuillaume de Chateauneuf: Master-French, 1242-1258


Hugues de RevelHugues de Revel: Grand Master-French, 1258-1277


Nicolas LorgneNicolas Lorgne: Grand Master-French, 1277/78 - 1284 


Jean de VilliersJean de Villiers: Grand Master-French, 1285-1293/94


Odon de PinsOdon de Pins: Grand Master-French, 1294-1296


Guillaume de VillaretGuillaume de Villaret: Grand Master-French, 1296-1305


Foulques de VillaretFoulques de Villaret: Grand Master-French, 1305-1319


Helion de VilleneuveHelion de Villeneuve: Grand Master-French, 1319-1346


Dieudonne de GozonDieudonne de Gozon: Grand Master-French, 1346-1353


Pierre de CorneillanPierre de Corneillan: Grand Master-French, 1353-1355


Roger de PinsCoat of ArmsRoger de Pins: Grand Master-French, 1355-1365


Raymond BerengerRaymond Berenger: Grand Master-French, 365-1374


Robert de JuilliacRobert de Juilliac: Grand Master-French, 1374-1377


Jean Fernandez de HerediaJean Fernandez de Heredia:Grand Master-Spanish, 1377-1383

Richard CarraccioloRichard Caracciolo: Grand Master-Italian, 1383-1395


Philibert de NaillacPhilibert de Naillac: Grand Master-French, 1396-1421


Antoine Fluvian de la RiviereAntoine Fluvian de la Riviere:Grand Master-Spanish, 1421-1437

Jean de LasticJean de Lastic: Grand Master- French, 1437-1454


Jacques de MillyJacques de Milly: Grand Master-French, 1454-1461


Pierre Raymond ZacostaPierre Raymond Zacosta:Grand Master-Spanish,

Jean-Baptiste OrsiniJean-Baptiste Orsini: Grand Master-Italian, 1467-1476


Pierre d"AubussonPierre d'Aubusson,Cardinal: Grand Master-French, 1476-1503

Emery d'Amboise dit ChaumontEmery d'Amboise dit Chaumont: Grand Master-French, 1503-1512

Guy de BlanchefortGuy de Blanchefort: Grand Master-French, 1512-1513


Fabrice del CarrettoFabrice del Carretto: Grand Master-Italian, 1513-1521


Philippe Villiers de l'Isle-AdamPhilippe Villiers de l'Isle-Adam - Grand Master - French - 1521-1534

Pierre del PontePierre del Ponte: Grand Master-Italian, 1534-1535


Didier de Saint-JailleDidier de Saint-Jaille: Grand Master-French, 1535-1536


John de HomedesJean de Homedes y Coscon: Grand Master-Aragonese, 1536-1553

Claude de la SengleClaude de la Sengle: Grand Master-French, 1553-1557


Jean de la ValetteJean Parisot de la Valette: Grand Master-French,

Pietro Ciocchi del Monte San SavinoPietro Ciocchi del Monte San Savino: Grand Master-Italian, 1568-1572

Jean L’Evesque de la CassiereJean L'Evesque de la Cassière: Grand Master-French, 1572-1582

Hugues Loubenx de Verdale, CardinalHugues Loubenx de Verdale: Cardinal-Grand Master-French, 1582-1595

Martin GarzesMartin Garzes: Grand Master-Aragonese, 1595-1601


Alof de WignacourtAlof de Wignacourt: Grand Master-French, 1601-1622


Luis Mendes de VasconcellosLuis Mendes de Vasconcellos: Grand Master Portuguese, 1622-1623

Antoine de PauleAntoine de Paule: Grand Master-French, 1623-1636


Jean-Baptiste Lascaris de CastellarJean-Baptiste Lascaris de Castellar: Grand Master-French, 1636-1657

Martin de RedinMartin de Redin y Cruzat: Grand Master-Aragonese, 1657-1660

Annet de Clermont de Chattes GessanAnnet de Clermont de Chattes Gessan: Grand Master- French, 1660

Rafael CotonerRafael Cotoner y de Oleza: Grand Master-Aragonese, 1660-1663

Nicholas CotonerNicholas Cotoner y de Oleza: Grand Master-Aragonese, 1663-1680

Gregorio Carafa de RoccellaGregorio Carafa della Roccella: Grand Master-Italian, 1680-1690

Adrien de WignacourtAdrien de Wignacourt: Grand Master-French, 1690-1697


Raymon Perellos y RocafulRamon Perellos y Rocaful: Grand Master-Aragonese, 1697-1720

Marantonio ZondadariMarcantonio Zondadari: Grand Master-Italian,

Antonio Manoel de VilhenaAntonio Manoel de Vilhena: Grand Master-Portuguese, 1722-1736

Ramon DespuigRamon Despuig y Martinez de Marcilla: Grand Master-Aragonese, 1736-41

Manuel Pinto de FonsecaManuel Pinto de Fonseca: Grand Master-Portuguese, 1741-1773

Francisco Ximenes de TexadaFrancisco Ximenes de Texada: Grand Master-Aragonese, 1773-1775

Emanuel de Rohan PolducEmmanuel de Rohan de Polduc: Grand Master-French, 1775-1797

Ferdinand Von HompeschFerdinand Von Hompesch zu Bolheim: Grand Master-German, 1797-1798

Paul IPaul I, Emperor of Russia: Grand Master-Russian,

Grand Duke Alexander of RussiaGrand Duke Alexander of Russia: Grand Master-Russian, 1913-1933

Pavel Awaloff-Bermondt General Pavel Awaloff-Bermondt: Prince Grand Master, 1934 - 1954


Crolian Edelen de BurghCrolian Edelen de Burgh: Grand Master-American,

Roberto PaternoRoberto Paterno: Grand Master-Italian, 1974-1993


George Korey-Krzeczowski: Grand Master-Polish, George Korey-Krzeczowski: Grand Master-Polish, George Korey-Krzeczowski: Grand Master-Polish,


Joseph Frendo CumboJoseph Frendo Cumbo: Grand Master-Maltese,

No image availableNicholas Papanicolaou:Grand Master-Greek,2006-2011-*Disassociated


Adrian Busietta Adrian Busietta: Grand Master-Maltese, 2011-2015 Stepped down due to ill health in 2015. Brother Adrian demonstrated great leadership and dedication to the Order for 35 years. He enjoys the rank of PGM Emeritus