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Our Mission

The aim of the Order is to carry on the Hospitaller traditions of promoting the glory of God through the sanctification of its professed members and through serving the Christian faith;

Respecting and maintaining its historical roots and claims, and continuing to be an international, independent, Christian, religious, fraternal, chivalric and Hospitaller body.

Defending Christianity in general throughout the world through education, championing truth and true to the divine precepts of our Lord Jesus Christ, affirming and propagating the general Christian virtues of charity and brotherhood, and taking care of the sick, the aged, the invalid, the poor and needy, refugees and the children in need, without distinction of religion, race, origin and age;

Upholding in this and other connections the ancient Hospitaller customs and traditions, ceremonial and protocol deemed valuable and promoting and encouraging a truly Christian spirit of brotherhood and charity within and outside the Order.

Our Motto

"Ut Unum Sint" – "That They May Be One"

"Ut Unum Sint" is an abridged version of St. John's Gospel, 17:21, which is Christ's prayer for Christian unity. In its full form the quotation reads:

"Ut omnes unum sint, sicut tu Pater in me, et ego in te, ut et ipsi in nobis unum sint"

Meaning: "That they may all be one, just as you Father are in me and I am in you, that they too may be one in us."

The shortened version "ut unum sint" (that they may be one), was used by Pope John Paul II as the title of an encyclical, or pastoral letter, which he issued on the theme of Christian unity.

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